What To Do If You Find Kittens:

In most cases, a litter of kittens is left alone when Mom goes in search of food and we prefer not to "kitten-nap" kittens.  In many cases, we can use the kittens to also trap the Mom.  We have her spayed to end the kitten cycle and put her up for adoption if she's friendly or release her back into her comfort territory.  Then we vet the kittens and make get them adopted into the very best homes.


If you've found newborn kittens or young kittens, please take a photo and leave them where you found them, unless they're in imminent danger or out in inclement weather.  Text your photo to Elaine at 914-393-8292 so she can determine their age, health and priority. 


If they are in danger or out in the cold, put them in a box with a lid in a quiet dark room and a heat source, preferably a heating pad that doesn't have auto-shut-off.  Be sure to put the box only HALF on the heating pad so the kittens can move away from the heat if they get too hot.  If you don't have a heat pad, fill a sock with rice and microwave it for a few minutes until it feels hot to the touch but not scalding.  Place this "sock buddy" in the box with some fabric in between it and the kittens. 


Do NOT feed kittens anything (especially newborns!) until you hear from Elaine.  Thank you for caring!



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